Friday, 24 June 2011

Welcome back life!!

Wow, I've finally finished exams. I'm obviously relieved that its all over but a bit of me is like :\ "ahhhh end of secondary school for good now! Now I'm officially an adult in the big wide world, heading off to uni living on my own!" which is really very sad as I've utterly left my school now where I had the greatest 7 years of my life and also very scary because.. I AM SO NOT READY TO DO THINGS ON MY OWN! I can't cook, wash, iron.. I need to do so much learning over this summer, seriously! :\

Anyway, before all that I have this longgggg summer ahead of me. Yay! Have been waiting for this day (end of my exams) for so long so I can wake up at whatever time, text a mate to hang out with and not worry about revision. There is sooooo much stuff I really can't wait to do! I've made a list :)

- Start this blog, properly! Been so busy I've not been able to really blog the way I want but now I've got so much spare time I'm going to get this really going.

- Learn Italian :) my boy brought me a DVD of it for my birthday in September but I haven't even took it out the wrapper yet! Can't waittt to get stuck into that!

- Go out too much and get too drunk.. well, you only live once ;)

- Read, read, read! Starting with The hunger games! love a good read and haven't had the time to read anything that wasn't history, psychology or drama related for so long.

- Go away with my boyfriend! We're looking at maybe Portsmouth and Barcelona. Gahhhh, if they manage to go ahead they will be amazing!

- Maintain my healthy eating and beauty routines. Sort my skin and body out ready for flashing the flesh in Barca ;) or Cornwall where I am 100% going to with my family in July :)

- Go to as many art galleries and museums as I can. I love museums, find them so interesting and relaxing and I know this summer me and my boyfriend will be going to many different ones all over England

- Update my iPod which has night had any new songs on it since like September!
- Spend lots of time with my boy :)

- Spend lots of time with my friends :)

Gahhhh, this summer is going to be amazingly fab!! Does anyone have any plans for summer?

- Bek

P.S - my posts wont usually be this wordy :)

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