Thursday, 11 November 2010

my babyyyy

I've been really very ill all week and my baby has just came round to cheer me up with a large bottle of Fanta Fruit Twist, two tubes of milky buttons and 500 Days of Summer dvd, my faves. I'm a very, very lucky girl.

I'm going to aim to post on this blog once a day, although with all the work I have from college I'm not entirely sure how likley that is to happen.I also want to post more meaningful stuff then this post about my boyfriend, but I'm excited about my new blog and he has made me very happy today so he maybe be mentioned on here once or twice. Because I love him and he is a very big part of my life and therefor my story.  

- R x

if you die, you said, so do i

I love the Cure.
Their lyrics are some of the most beautiful words I have ever heard. There Is No If is one of my favourite songs.

my first time..

So, I decided to start a blog. I don't know why. I'm not sure what made me click on 'Create Blog' this morning after having looked at one of my favourites but I did and now, here it is.

For a long time I've been fascinated with blogs, checking my favourites every day for a new post. It's nice to have an insight into some one elses life. I like seeing in to other peoples worlds and hearing their thoughts and opinions, their experiences, their loves and hates.

I fully believe that we are put on this earth for 2 reasons; to listen to other peoples stories... and to make our own.

I've listened to everyone elses...
now here's mine

- R x