Thursday, 9 June 2011


Oh my god, have not posted on here for so long i've almost forgotten how to!! I do apologise if anyone actually reads this blog, I've been having personal stuff so the last thing I wanted to do was blog and I've been busy with my trip to Lourdes and exams and final deadlines and UCAS and gahhh! Being 18 is hard work :( and the worst part is, I'm sure its only going to get harder..

I really want to make this blog work so after my exams which finish on the 23rd June you will be seeing alot more from me :) that is if people read this blog....

Anyway, this post is about my tumblr. Please don't ask me why I finallllly made one the day before the start of my proper exams but I did and I'm so not good at stuff like this! I HATE HATE HATE the way it looks, could anyone help me? I'd like to follow some of you guys as I love your blogs so I'm sure to love your tumblrs so if you have one, comment this post with your erm, tumblr name? Is that what there called? need serious help!!!

I'm also thinking of getting Twitter but it looks soo complicated! Anyone reccomend it?


  1. ah, definitely get a twitter! it looks complicated but it's so simple once you make one, i'm a complete retard when it comes to anything technical haha, but even i can work it, brilliant for telling the world useless information "just had a cup of coffee" etc ;)
    ohhh, i've followed you on tumblr ( but honestly since this new layout on there i have no idea either! xx