Monday, 18 July 2011

Jesus loves you more than you will know


This post is coming quite late (I mean in the day although it is actually also quite a while since my last one.. oops :( ) but my sleeping pattern is actually ridiculous nowadays! I don't get to sleep till at least 4 most mornings and have been spending my nights watching re - runs of One Tree Hill, my all time fave TV show!

I've been really toying with the idea of stopping blogging, whats the point if no one reads it? and I really have nothing interesting to say ever! but my boyfriend has been very adammant (his name is Adam.. hehe) that I carry on and so I promised him I would. He's lying next to me right now, lightly snoring and he just looks soooo adorable (although him slowly edging over to my side pushing me out is not so cute, more incredibly annoying!) it made me remember my promise and decide to get back into it. I reeeeally love reading other peoples blogs and I do really want to keep my own so I'm determined to this time! I don't know anything about fashion or beauty so I'm going to take this blog in a kind of, journalish direction.. a bit like Rebecca from R for Rebecca and Danni from ellieand who talk through their days and stuff quite a bit and are two of my fave bloggers!

I do actually have nothing interesting to say today though haha. The blog title is from the song "Mrs Robinson" as I'm sure you're all aware which was a question in the game of Trivial Pursuit that I just beat Adam in ;). Playing Trivial Pursuit, watching One Tree Hill, having movie nights and going for meals with my boyfriend and doing pub days with my friends is all I seem to have done since I finished my exams.. not really the most exciting of times but I've been having fun.

Movie night treats courtesy of the boy - meringues and onion rings, my fave!

Tomorrow I'm going for a game day/night at my friends.. I'm soooo excited, been a while since I had a girly day and what could be better than board games, Chinese, alcohol and your best girls?

There is one piece of exciting news I want to share however.. on the 1st of August me and my boyfriend will be going to Barcelona for the week!!!! SO EXCITED! Seriously can not wait. It'll be our first proper holiday :) We've been on weekends away to Swansea and Plymouth and he came to Summerset with my family and I but this will be our longest holiday alone :). I'll be taking LOADS of photos there so when I get back I will deff have something interesting to talk about!!

Barcelona bound baby!

Sunglasses I won in a giveaway from Yes I Dress, absolutely gorgeous and will be able to get plenty of wearing out of them when in Barcelona ;)

- Bek :)

P.s - Can tell how crap at blogging I am by my pictures. Can anyone suggest a way to upload them so they are the same size and I can add a little border and place them nicely!? I hate the way their looking at the mo! (also quality's not great as I'm using an old, awful camera but that should shortly be sorted!.. hopefully)