Monday, 24 January 2011

i felt it, i was perfect

I wasn't planning on doing a post this week (with my Psycholgy exam on Friday I was planning on devoting all my attention to intense revision), but after watching Black Swan last night I really felt like I should do a quick post about it.

I can't actually describe how weird or beautiful this film is. From the brilliant director Darren Aronofsky  who has made beautiful, powerful films such as Requim for a Dream, The Fountain and The Wrestler and starring one of my favourite actress' Natalie Portman and briefly featuring another of my faves Winnona Ryder, I do believe this film is a must see. It's direction and plot is so easy to watch and although it has a recieved few criticims, I personally loved it. I also want to stress that although this film is about a ballet dancer, you do not need to be a female and/or into ballet to enjoy this film... I personally hate dance films and I dragged my reluctant boyfriend along to watch it with me and by the end of the film we was both stunned into silence.
Another masterpeice from the brilliant Aronofsky.

Has any one else watched it yet? What did you think?

- R x

Sunday, 23 January 2011

NEW DESIGN...... again!

Rather late blog I know, but I've not long gotten in from work and I paid off my eBay then checked the blogging world and other peoples lovely looking blogs made me jelous so I thought I'd try make mine look better. This has not worked...I don't think I will ever be happy with my blog layout/design!!!

I can't wait for next Friday to be over with as then I don't have to worry about exams untill June and I can get my life back and real blogging can commence as its safe to say the content on this blog so far has been rather poor!

- R x

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Hiya!! Thank you to all who commented/emailed to let me know about wedges, been having a look at all the sites and places you suggested and have found so many I love that I'm having to let my boyfriend decide which one pair I should buy!

As you'll notice I kinda changed the design of the blog as I wasn't happy with the last one although I'm still not sure... I think it looks a bit, too white? I don't know, I just know that I LOVE that picture of the boy and girl in the car and I think it really sums up my whole attitude to the life and the 'there is no if' line I have adopted from my favourite Cure song as my motto. This picture kind of screams to me JUST DO IT, if you know what I mean? There is no 'what if I did that' just 'I did it!"

So yeah, just a very quick post to say thanks and to inform about the new design....... and now it's back to revision :\ :\
Good luck to anyone else who is currently taking exams!

- R x

Monday, 10 January 2011


Does any one know any where that is selling nice black wedge boots atm pleeeease? Absolutely desperate for some!!! I can only find tan coloured ones tho and I'm not 100% sure about them. Tried Ebay but as I have tiny feet (size 2.5) there's literally NOTHING ON THERE :( :( it's a sad, sad day when ebay lets me down as this has not happened before! Although it's made it up to me as I'm currently watching about 8 items i just HAVE to have. Preparing my self for some fight to the death ebay wars on these items, but they are going to be so worth it - anyway, I love the excitement of a good bidding war don't you? Soon hopefully you'll be getting a post with all the gorgeous new things I've won.. fingers crossed for me :)

Please, please, please help me if you can :) with all the coursework I've got to do and revising for my exams I don't have time to pop up town and look round for myself, so I'm relying on you lot!  

- R x

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Wow, it's literally been so long since I last blogged! that's because I very stupidly dropped my laptop down the stairs and it's only JUST been fixed :\ I've literally died without it! I had sooo much school work to do that I had to go to my boyfriends to finish off on his computer and of course, no checking my fave blogs!!!

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope everyone had a good one! I really think 2011 will be my year. I've gotten all my conditional offers so I'm just hoping I get the grades I need to get in to uni then it's a fresh start. I love fresh starts.
How was every ones new year? Mine was a bit shocking as I was too out of my trolley to actually be allowed into the club I'd paid tickets before and spent 12o'clock with the (very lovely) taxi man. However, my boyfriend came to my rescue, looked after me and I was with the only person I wanted to be with on the first day of 2011 :)

(I adore this quote. I have it pinned to my notice board above my desk with a picture of me and my bf underneath it as I belive it's so true and so me and him! Found this on the blog Le Love and just had to put it on mine)

This post was actually so I could mention one of my favourite blogs (one which I've spent all day reading over the posts I've missed whilst my laptops been out of action). The Flower Girl!!!!
Seriously love this girls style and posts and I definitely recommend this blog. Take a look :) She's also doing a fabulous giveaway so I'd get yourself entered if I was you!!!

(this picture is one of my favourites of her outfits. beautiful boho dress that I'd die for!)

- R x

P.S. My posts will be few and far between this month as I have exams coming up.Sorry :(