Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Wow, it's literally been so long since I last blogged! that's because I very stupidly dropped my laptop down the stairs and it's only JUST been fixed :\ I've literally died without it! I had sooo much school work to do that I had to go to my boyfriends to finish off on his computer and of course, no checking my fave blogs!!!

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope everyone had a good one! I really think 2011 will be my year. I've gotten all my conditional offers so I'm just hoping I get the grades I need to get in to uni then it's a fresh start. I love fresh starts.
How was every ones new year? Mine was a bit shocking as I was too out of my trolley to actually be allowed into the club I'd paid tickets before and spent 12o'clock with the (very lovely) taxi man. However, my boyfriend came to my rescue, looked after me and I was with the only person I wanted to be with on the first day of 2011 :)

(I adore this quote. I have it pinned to my notice board above my desk with a picture of me and my bf underneath it as I belive it's so true and so me and him! Found this on the blog Le Love and just had to put it on mine)

This post was actually so I could mention one of my favourite blogs (one which I've spent all day reading over the posts I've missed whilst my laptops been out of action). The Flower Girl!!!!
Seriously love this girls style and posts and I definitely recommend this blog. Take a look :) She's also doing a fabulous giveaway so I'd get yourself entered if I was you!!!

(this picture is one of my favourites of her outfits. beautiful boho dress that I'd die for!)

- R x

P.S. My posts will be few and far between this month as I have exams coming up.Sorry :(

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