Sunday, 6 February 2011

plenty of girls and boys in love

(Not 100% sure where all of these are from. Some are from here otheres from here)

Finally my exams are over. I'm not exactly sure how they went, I guess we'll find out in March. The end of exams and constant revision means I can finally pay some attention to my Blog! I have so many post's in mind but the camera I got for Christmas has broken so I'm waiting for it's replacement to turn up so I can take pictures. It's taking for ever though so I might have to borrow my boyfriends for the time being.. we'll see how long it takes.

Speaking of my boyfriend, he has just booked us a mini holiday!!! It's a four day cruise, with a night on the boat two nights in Bruges then another night on the boat. I'm so, so excited! I love Bruges, such a beautiful city and I've started learning a bit of Flemmish :) We're going in the February half term. Has any one else got plans for the half term? I'd love to hear them :)

The next photos I upload of Bruges will have been taken by me :)

- R x


  1. i love your blog, couldn't help notice you like the cure too :)
    and these pictures are so pretty
    enter my giveaway?

  2. thank-you for the comment and the help with the books, i just sent my mum (even though she's next door in another room) a huuuuge facebook reading list. looking for alaska looks really good, and i'll give you a comment about how i'm getting along with them all <33

  3. ooh another comment from you! thank-you so much, urghhh yeah i know i didn't see why it should be any different with her but anyway thank-you for the understanding <33

  4. great photos, i hope you have a wonderful time :) x

  5. I wanna be inlove :)<3